Saturday, December 13, 2008



Thursday, January 8th (Time/Stadium)
Hockaday v Martin (10am/NC)
Marcus v Grapevine (12pm/NC)
Tyler Lee v McKinney Boyd (2pm/TCU)
Ursuline v Mayfair (2pm/NC)
Coppell v Colleyville Her. (4pm/TCU)
Flower Mound v Keller (4pm/NC)
Midland v St. Stephen's (6pm/TCU)
Klein Oak v Lake Highlands (6pm/NC)
Plano West v St. Thomas More (8pm/TCU)
Nolan Catholic v SL Carroll (8pm/NC)

Friday, January 9th (Time/Stadium)
Grapevine v Ursuline (8am/TCU)
Mayfair v Marcus (8am/NC)
Tyler Lee v Coppell (8am/MP)
Plano West v Flower Mound (10am/TCU)
St. Thomas More v Keller (10am/NC)
Colleyville Her.v McKinney Boyd (10am/MP)
SL Carroll v Lake Highlands (10am/DS)
Nolan Catholic v Klein Oak (12pm/NC)
Hockaday v Midland (12pm/TCU)
Marcus v Ursuline (2pm/TCU)
Grapevine v Mayfair (2pm/NC)
St. Stephens v Martin (2pm/DS)
Coppell v McKinney Boyd (4pm/TCU)
Keller v Plano West (4pm/NC)
Klein Oak v SL Carroll (6pm/TCU)
Lake Highlands v Nolan Catholic (6pm/NC)
Tyler Lee v Colleyville Her. (6pm/MP)
Hockaday v St. Stephens (8pm/TCU)
Flower Mound v St. Thomas More (8pm/NC)
Midland v Martin (8pm/MP)

Saturday, January 10th (Time/Stadium)
SL Carroll v Midland (8am/DS)
Nolan Catholic v McKinney Boyd (8am/NC)
Hockaday v Plano West (10am/TCU)
Mayfair v Coppell (10am/NC)
St. Stephen's v Colleyville (10am/MP)
Klein Oak v Flower Mound (12pm/NC)
Grapevine v St. Thomas More (12pm/TCU)
Martin v Tyler Lee (2pm/NC)
Lake Highlands v Marcus (2pm/TCU)
Keller v Ursuline (4pm/NC)

Field Guide
NC - Doskocil Stadium - Nolan Catholic HS
TCU - Garvey-Rosenthal Stadium at TCU
DS - Dragon Stadium
MP - Mustang-Panther Stadium


Thursday, January 8th (Time/Stadium)
Colony High School v Bishop Lynch HS (12pm/MP)
Mansfield Summit HS v Amarillo High School (2pm/MP)
Lewisville High School v San Angelo Central HS (4pm/MP)
Antonian College Prep v Bishop Lynch HS (6pm/MP)

Friday, January 9th (Time/Stadium)
Colony High School v Antonian College Prep (8am/CH)
Lewisville High School v Mansfield Summit HS (8am/DS)
San Angelo Central HS v Amarillo High School (12pm/MP)
Antonian College Prep v Lewisville High School (4pm/MP)
Colony High School v Mansfield Summit (4pm/DS)
Bishop Lynch HS v San Angelo Central HS (6pm/CH)

Saturday, January 10th (Time/Stadium)
Antonian College Prep v Amarillo High School (8am/MP)
Mansfield Summit HS v San Angelo Central HS (10am/DS)
Amarillo High School v Colony High School (12pm/MP)
Bishop Lynch HS vs Lewisville High School (2pm/MP)

Field Guide
MP - Mustang-Panther Stadium
DS - Dragon Stadium
CH - Colleyville Heritage High School

Saturday, November 15, 2008


“Where the Best Come to Play”

January 8-10, 2009
Fort Worth, Texas

Nolan Catholic High School & Southlake Carroll High School

JATO Athletics

The 2009 RED BULL NOLAN SHOWCASE will bring together the top girls high school teams from around the country. Teams from Texas, California, Florida, Arizona, and Louisiana will be represented. It is a true college showcase for high school soccer. The Nolan Showcase is touted as the top event for high school soccer in Texas if not in the country. Last year’s event featured 6 of the TOP 10 teams in the country and 10 of the 14 teams in the event were ranked nationally in the TOP 30. The Nolan Showcase always helps in producing the Nation’s #1 team.

The top players in the country have participated in the event over the past 7 years: US National Team Player and Olympic Gold Medalist, Amy Rodriguez (Santa Margarita) and US U-21 National Team Player and UNC’s Jessica Maxwell (Colleyville Heritage). UNC’s Courtney Jones (Monte Vista), the University of Florida’s Jazmyne Avant (Coppell), BYU’s Lauren Anderson (Monte Vista), TCU’s Alex Mechalske (Nolan), Texas’ Kendall Frizzell (Tyler Lee) and University of Kentucky’s Laura Burton (Amador Valley) participated in 08, as well as Notre Dame recruit Jazmine Hall (Marcus). US under-16 National Pool Player, Whitney Jaynes (Plano West) and Lexi Harris (Plano West) were also in attendance. Jaynes and Harris were both headed to New Zealand with the National Team following the event. Other notable showcase participants were University of Texas standouts Caitlin Kennedy (Colleyville Heritage) and Kendall Campisi (Ursuline), as well as LSU’s Michelle Makasini (Colleyville Heritage), Texas A&M’s Becky Olson (Nolan) University of Virginia’s Caitlin Miskel (St. Thomas Aquinas), Stanford standout Kiki Bosio (Santa Margarita), USC National Champion JJ Johnson (Santa Margarita), and TCU’s Jackie Torda (Nolan).