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National Elite Tournament puts spotlight on area players Courtesy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

By Shawn Smajstrla
Special to the Star-Telrgram
By Shawn SmajstrlaSpecial to the Star-Telrgram Posted Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015

The National Elite Prep Showcase is an annual stop each January for girls high school soccer teams that subscribe to the theory you have to play the best to be the best.

The event, in its 12th year, brought top programs from around the state and the country to venues across Fort Worth for three days of high-caliber competition Jan. 8-10 as UIL regular-season play started.

“The purpose behind it was to let coaches — especially club and college coaches — know that high school soccer around this country is entertaining to watch, that it’s worth watching and recruiting at,” Fort Worth Nolan Catholic coach Jay Fitzgerald said. “We just wanted to put a true college showcase out there.”

Co-hosts Nolan and Southlake Carroll were among 36 teams that braved cold weather to test themselves against some of the state and nation’s elite.

“You get to see where your team is at,” Fitzgerald said. “You get to find out what is your identity. Who are we? What type of players do we have? Are they relishing this challenge? You’re playing teams that are Top 25 in the country or have won state championships. You get to identify who those players are that you can go to battle with.”

Nolan went 2-1 in its three matches, losing 4-1 to San Diego Cathedral Catholic, which is ranked No. 1 in the country by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.

“Some teams get hit in the mouth, and they get right back up. Some teams, if they get hit in the mouth and they don’t get back up, at least you learned something about your team,” Fitzgerald said. “Being able to battle with the No. 1 team and it’s 2-1 with six minutes remaining and we have a chance to win it, we know now what we have to do to win it. We know what adjustments we have to make. These are games where you can really figure yourself out.”

Nolan also impressed with a rally against Belton. Trailing 3-0 at halftime, the Vikings scored four goals in the first 17 minutes of the second half to win 4-3.

“We figured out in that moment, that if we go down in a championship, or in a playoff game, we know that we’ve done it. We’ve come back from being 3-0 down. I look at that as being more valuable than anything,” Fitzgerald added.

Carroll also posted a 2-1 record, defeating Fort Worth Arlington Heights and El Camino (Calif.) sandwiched around a loss to Austin Westlake.

“You learn a lot, especially when you’re on the losing side,” Carroll coach Matt Colvin said. “We gave up a goal early in a match and the way we responded wasn’t as positive as I’d hoped. The adjustments I made didn’t seem to work. The team learned a lot, and I learned a lot about the team at that moment.”

Carroll has high expectations this season, and playing in the showcase provided them an early measuring stick.

“That’s something that we don’t mind figuring out early in the year, so that when we get in that situation again we’re able to handle it different. With that type of talent coming in, you’re going to get those situations and some high-pressure games. Although we’re never looking to lose, it’s something we definitely learn from.”

Another local team that had a successful showcase was Keller. The Indians, who were among the Star-Telegram teams to watch this season, won all three matches, defeating McKinney Boyd, Grapevine and Arlington Martin.

Another local team with high hopes this year, Trophy Club Nelson, defeated Katy Seven Lakes and Klein and lost to Coppell.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Watch it NOW: NEPS 2015 Highlight Video

We are having technical difficulties with the publishing of the 2015 NEPS Highlight Video.  We will get the video up soon.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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And that is a Wrap; See you in 2016

The 14th Annual National Elite Prep Showcase is complete.  There were 56 games played between the 37 teams during the 3 day event covering 4 venues with 4 states represented if you count Texas at North and South Texas.  See who scored today...

Game #1 (10am at Nolan Catholic)

Plano West beat Amarillo 4-1

West Goals (Assists)
Laykn Pope (Abby Grace Cooper)
Nicole Stock (Ashley Aitken)
Stock (UA)
Stock (UA)
Record 2-1-0

Amarillo Goals (Assists)
Jordan Duke (Kelsey Johnston)
Record 0-3-0

Game #2 (10am at Gateway Rugby)

California Santa Margarita beat Round Rock 3-0

Santa Margarita Goals (Assists)
Machaela George
Claire Calcaterra
Taylor Gather
Record 3-2-2

Round Rock Goals
Record 1-2-0

Game #3 (10am at Dragon Stadium)

Colleyville Heritage beat Lubbock Monterey 1-0

Monterey Goals (Assists)
Record 1-2-0

Colleyville Heritage Goals (Assist)
Taylor Hamzy
Record 1-0-2

Game #4 (10am at Keller HS)

Grapevine beat California Liberty 2-0

Grapevine Goals (Assists)
Hayley Bargery (Ellen Colborn)
Colborn (Sophia Smith)
Record 2-1-0

Liberty Goals
Record 7-2-0

Game #5 (10am at Gateway #1)

Florida American Heritage Plantation beat Vandergrift 1-0

American Heritage Goal (Assist)
Isabella de Almargo (UA)
Record 14-1-2

Vandergrift Goals
Record 1-2-0

Game #6 (12pm at Nolan Catholic)

Nolan Catholic beat Fort Bend Clements 2-1

Nolan Goals (Assists)
Gabbie Puente (Sarah Brown)
Jordan Gamboa (PK)
Record 10-3-0

Clements Goals (Assists)
Jordan Loya (PK)
Record 1-2-0

Game #7 (12pm at Gateway Rugby)

California Steele Canyon beat Hockaday 3-0

Steele Canyon Goals (Assists)
Briana Daoust (Celeste Garmo)
Alyssa Campa (Savanna Nager)
Record 6-4-6

Hockaday Goals
Record 4-3-1

Game #8 (12pm at Gateway #1)

Kingwood beat SA Antonian 6-0

Antonian Goals (Assists)
Record 13-3-1

Kingwood Goals (Assists)
Breezy Moore (Lindsey Fitz)
Sloane Scharold (Fitz)
Mari Gillespie (Scharold)
Moore (Fitz)
Moore (Brian Prucha)
Moore (UA)
Record 1-2-0

Game #9 (12pm at Dragon Stadium)

Southlake Carroll beat California El Camino 4-0

Carroll Goal (Assist)
Mary Meehan (Lily DeFelice)
Neaka Khalilian (Danielle Dennis)
DeFelice (Meehan)
DeFelice (Natasha Santamaria)
Record 2-1-0

El Camino Goal
Record 2-6-0

Game #10 (12pm at Keller HS)

Martin tied Austin Westlake 1-1

Martin Goals (Assists)
Haley Ober (Melissa Fulfer)
Record 1-1-1

Westlake Goals (Assists)
Hailey Bishop (Kendall Ritchie)
Record 2-0-1

Game #11 (2pm at Gateway #1)

Byron Nelson beat Klein 2-0

Klein Goals (Assists)
Record 1-2-0

Nelson Goals (Assists)
Katina Tsapos (UA)
Ansley Bunger (UA)
Record 2-1-0

Game #12 (2pm at Gateway Rugby)

Liberty Christian beat Tyler Lee 1-0

Liberty Christian Goals (Assists)
Sophie Standifer (Maddie Willet)
Record 12-4-1

Tyler Lee Goals (Assists)
Record 0-3-0

Game #13 (2pm at Nolan Catholic)

California Cathedral Catholic tied St. Stephens 1-1

Cathedral Goals (Assists)
Sunny Dunphy (Riley Marshall)
Record 12-1-1

St. Stephens Goals (Assists)
Jimena Lopez (Ari Owens)
Record 1-0-2

Game #14 (2pm at Keller HS)

Arlington Heights beat Incarnate Word 3-1

Incarnate Word Goals (Assists)
Anne Boeckmann (PK)
Record 11-3-4

Arlington Heights Goals
Audrey Reynolds (Hannah Dixon)
Maddie Jennings (Dixon)
Rubie Quintana (UA)
Record 0-2-0

Game #15 (2pm at Dragon Stadium)

Coppell beat Seven Lakes 3-0

Coppell Goals (Assists)
Sarah King (Emma Jett)
Tyler Runnels (Tori Teffeteller)
Liat Even (Tara Vishnesky)
Record 2-0-1

Seven Lakes Goals (Assists)
Record 0-3-0

Game #16 (4pm at Nolan Catholic)

Ursuline beat California Santa Margarita 1-0

Santa Margarita Goals (Assists)
Record 3-3-2

Ursuline Goals (Assists)
Francesca Genera (Alexa Sheldon)
Record 10-2-0

Game #17 (4pm at Gateway Rugby)

Sacshe beat Belton 1-0

Belton Goals (Assists)
Record 0-2-1

Sachse Goals (Assists)
Kayla McKeon (Caitlin McDonald)
Record 3-0-0

Game #18 (4pm at Dragon Stadium)

Flower Mound ties Bishop Lynch 1-1

Lynch Goals (Assists)
Natalie McDoungh (Kaycie Tillman)
Record 11-1-1

Flower Mound Goals (Assists)
Jordan Mulnix (Ashlan Hustava)
Record 2-0-1

Game #19 (4pm at Keller HS)

Keller beat McKinney Boyd 2-1

Keller Goals (Assists)
Ryan Stickney (Audrey Ward)
Berklee Peters (Ward)
Record 3-0-0

McKinney Boyd Goals (Assists)
Lauren Mauldin (UA)
Record 2-1-0

Day 3 get going at 10am at all venues; NSCAATV Broadcasting

A full slate of matches today, all kicking off at 10:00am this morning.  The NSCAATV will be broadcasting LIVE the California El Camino vs Southlake Carroll match at 10:00am.

Here is what's on tap today...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 2 DONE; Who Scored

Hey NEPSters... Day 2 at the National Elite Prep Showcase is complete.  See who scored...

Game #1 (12pm at Nolan Catholic)

Nolan Catholic beat Belton 4-3

Nolan Goals (Assists)
Megan Bettinger (Gabbie Puente)
Gabbie Puente (PK)
Regan Hafer (Gabbie Puente)
Gabbie Puente (Marissa Baldasti)
Record 9-3-0

Belton Goals (Assists)
Aubrey Martinez (Jamie Brown)
Martinez (Alison Navarro)
Tiarra Hodges (Navarro)
Record 0-1-1

Game #2 (12pm at Gateway Rugby)

Florida American Heritage Plantation beat Seven Lakes 1-0

American Heritage Goals (Assists)
Zandy Soree (UA)
Record 13-1-2

Seven Lakes Goals
Record 0-2-0

Game #3 (12pm at Dragon Stadium)

Plano West beat California Cathedral Catholic 2-1

Plano West Goals (Assists)
Nicole Smith (Abby Grace Cooper)
Kiley Burns (Abby Grace Cooper)
Record 1-1-0

Cathedral Catholic Goals (Assist)
Dana Dalton (Olivia Erlbeck)
Record 12-1-0

Game #4 (12pm at Keller HS)

Coppell beat Byron Nelson 2-0

Coppell Goals (Assists)
Sarah King (Grace Vowell)
Vowell (King)
Record 2-0-0

Nelson Goals
Record 1-1-0

Game #5 (2pm at Nolan Catholic)

Martin beat Kingwood 3-1

Martin Goals (Assists)
Kassie Daniel (Melissa Fulfer)
Mary Moore (Daniel)
Fulfer (UA)
Record 1-1-0

Kingwood Goals (Assists)
Sarah Hoose (Briana Prucha)
Record 0-2-0

Game #6 (2pm at Gateway Rugby)

California Liberty beat Amarillo 4-0

Liberty Goals (Assists)
Robyn McCarthy (UA)
Haley Bostard (Delanie Sheeman)
Sheeman (MaKenzee Pereira)
Megan Monier (Devyn Gilfoy)
Record 7-1-0

Amarillo Goals
Record 0-2-0

Game #7 (2pm at Gateway #1)

Fort Bend Clements beat Lubbock Monterey 1-0

Clements Goal (Assist)
Shelby Clingman (Sevilla Cole)
Record 1-1-0

Monterey Goals
Record 1-1-0

Game #8 (2pm at Dragon Stadium)

Westlake beats Carroll 1-0

Westlake Goal (Assist)
Babo Fagerberg (Renny Moore)
Record 2-0-0

Carroll Goal
Record 1-1-0

Game #9 (2pm at Keller HS)

Keller beats Grapevine 2-1

Keller Goals (Assists)
Audrey Ward (Kristen Ricks)
Bella Vaughn (Ward)
Record 2-0-0

Grapevine Goals (Assists)
Sophia Smith (UA)
Record 1-1-0

Game #10 (4pm at Gateway #1)

McKinney Boyd beat Hockaday 2-0

Boyd Goals (Assists)
Taylor Jordan (Sarah Norman)
Jordan (Taylor Cobb)
Record 2-0-0

Hockaday Goals
Record 4-2-1

Game #11 (4pm at Gateway Rugby)

SA Antonian beat Tyler Lee 3-2

Antonian Goals (Assists)
Sarah Pina (Sophia Perez)
Sophia Pina (PK)
Meredith Moore (Sarah Pina)
Record 13-2-1

Tyler Lee Goals (Assists)
Jamie Mills (Jazmine Navarro)
Calire Carnes (Adrianna Perez)
Record 0-2-0

Game #12 (4pm at Gateway 1)

Round Rock beat Liberty Christian 3-1

Round Rock Goals (Assists)
Rina Valeriano (Nora Hellmers)
Grace Greenly (Hellmers)
Valeriano (UA)
Record 1-1-0

Liberty Christian Goals (Assists)
Sophie Standifer (UA)
Record 11-4-1

Game #13 (4pm at Keller HS)

Flower Mound beat Arlington Heights 4-0

Flower Mound Goals (Assists)
Jordan Mulnix
Ashlan Hustava
Dawson Deppershmidt
Melissa Canei
Record 2-0-0

Arlington Heights Goals
Record 0-2-0

Game #14 (4pm at Dragon Stadium)

St. Stephens beat California El Camino 2-1

St. Stephens Goals (Assists)
Trish Fernandez (Ari Owens)
Madison Meyers (Jimena Lopez)
Record 1-0-1

El Camino Goals (Assists)
Ellie Pourasgari (Simone Krudsen)
Record 2-5-1

Game #15 (6pm at Nolan Catholic)

Coppell tied California Steele Canyon 1-1

Coppell Goals (Assists)
Mackenzie McFarland (PK)
Record 1-0-1

California Steele Canyon Goals (Assists)
Jaylen Lupo (Savannah Nager)
Record 5-4-6

Game #16 (6pm at Gateway Rugby)

Klein beat Ursuline 2-0

Klein Goals (Assists)
Diandra Aliaga (Alyssa Malonson)
Lindsey Bienski (Aliaga)
Record 1-1-0

Ursuline Goals
Record 9-2-0

Game #17 (6pm at Gateway #1)

Sacshe beat Vandergrift 5-0

Sacshe Goals (Assists)
Jordie Harr (Cyera Hintzen)
Hintzen (Harr)
Harr (Hintzen)
Harr (Ally Warren)
Ashley Sheely (Caitlin McDonald)
Record 2-0-0

Vandergrift Goals
Record 0-1-1

Game #18 (6pm at Dragon Stadium)

Bishop Lynch beat California Santa Margarita Catholic 2-0

Lynch Goals (Assists)
Natalie McDonough (Jamie Jeffrey)
McDonough (Jeffrey)
Record 11-1-0

Santa Margarita Goals

Game #19 (6pm at Keller HS)

Colleyville Heritage ties SA Incarnate Word 2-2

Colleyville Heritage Goals (Assists)
Stacy York (UA)
Jasmyn Sellers (UA)
Record 0-0-2

Incarnate Word (Assists)
Anne Boeckmann (Braelyn Spears)
Boeckmann (Erika Palacios)
Record 11-2-4