Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NEPS Countdown; It is the most wonderful time of the year

T-Minus 18 hours....We are almost there folks.  Teams from the West Coast and East Coast come to meet up with teams from North and South Texas in what will be another exciting 3 days of action-packed quality high school girls soccer.  The battle for #1 starts tomorrow at NEPS 2016.

As you travel in by bus, by train, by plane... send us your pics!!

Teams, players, fans, coaches tweet pics @nepShowcase #nepsLIVE to have a chance to win team prizes.  We will be posting photo contests and video contests.  

Lets see what type of teams we have here at NEPS.  Send us your #nepsTeamLove photos.  Lets see what type of unbreakable unit your team possesses. 

The team becomes family, the ball becomes your best friend, the field becomes your home & the game becomes your life.

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