Saturday, January 10, 2015

And that is a Wrap; See you in 2016

The 14th Annual National Elite Prep Showcase is complete.  There were 56 games played between the 37 teams during the 3 day event covering 4 venues with 4 states represented if you count Texas at North and South Texas.  See who scored today...

Game #1 (10am at Nolan Catholic)

Plano West beat Amarillo 4-1

West Goals (Assists)
Laykn Pope (Abby Grace Cooper)
Nicole Stock (Ashley Aitken)
Stock (UA)
Stock (UA)
Record 2-1-0

Amarillo Goals (Assists)
Jordan Duke (Kelsey Johnston)
Record 0-3-0

Game #2 (10am at Gateway Rugby)

California Santa Margarita beat Round Rock 3-0

Santa Margarita Goals (Assists)
Machaela George
Claire Calcaterra
Taylor Gather
Record 3-2-2

Round Rock Goals
Record 1-2-0

Game #3 (10am at Dragon Stadium)

Colleyville Heritage beat Lubbock Monterey 1-0

Monterey Goals (Assists)
Record 1-2-0

Colleyville Heritage Goals (Assist)
Taylor Hamzy
Record 1-0-2

Game #4 (10am at Keller HS)

Grapevine beat California Liberty 2-0

Grapevine Goals (Assists)
Hayley Bargery (Ellen Colborn)
Colborn (Sophia Smith)
Record 2-1-0

Liberty Goals
Record 7-2-0

Game #5 (10am at Gateway #1)

Florida American Heritage Plantation beat Vandergrift 1-0

American Heritage Goal (Assist)
Isabella de Almargo (UA)
Record 14-1-2

Vandergrift Goals
Record 1-2-0

Game #6 (12pm at Nolan Catholic)

Nolan Catholic beat Fort Bend Clements 2-1

Nolan Goals (Assists)
Gabbie Puente (Sarah Brown)
Jordan Gamboa (PK)
Record 10-3-0

Clements Goals (Assists)
Jordan Loya (PK)
Record 1-2-0

Game #7 (12pm at Gateway Rugby)

California Steele Canyon beat Hockaday 3-0

Steele Canyon Goals (Assists)
Briana Daoust (Celeste Garmo)
Alyssa Campa (Savanna Nager)
Record 6-4-6

Hockaday Goals
Record 4-3-1

Game #8 (12pm at Gateway #1)

Kingwood beat SA Antonian 6-0

Antonian Goals (Assists)
Record 13-3-1

Kingwood Goals (Assists)
Breezy Moore (Lindsey Fitz)
Sloane Scharold (Fitz)
Mari Gillespie (Scharold)
Moore (Fitz)
Moore (Brian Prucha)
Moore (UA)
Record 1-2-0

Game #9 (12pm at Dragon Stadium)

Southlake Carroll beat California El Camino 4-0

Carroll Goal (Assist)
Mary Meehan (Lily DeFelice)
Neaka Khalilian (Danielle Dennis)
DeFelice (Meehan)
DeFelice (Natasha Santamaria)
Record 2-1-0

El Camino Goal
Record 2-6-0

Game #10 (12pm at Keller HS)

Martin tied Austin Westlake 1-1

Martin Goals (Assists)
Haley Ober (Melissa Fulfer)
Record 1-1-1

Westlake Goals (Assists)
Hailey Bishop (Kendall Ritchie)
Record 2-0-1

Game #11 (2pm at Gateway #1)

Byron Nelson beat Klein 2-0

Klein Goals (Assists)
Record 1-2-0

Nelson Goals (Assists)
Katina Tsapos (UA)
Ansley Bunger (UA)
Record 2-1-0

Game #12 (2pm at Gateway Rugby)

Liberty Christian beat Tyler Lee 1-0

Liberty Christian Goals (Assists)
Sophie Standifer (Maddie Willet)
Record 12-4-1

Tyler Lee Goals (Assists)
Record 0-3-0

Game #13 (2pm at Nolan Catholic)

California Cathedral Catholic tied St. Stephens 1-1

Cathedral Goals (Assists)
Sunny Dunphy (Riley Marshall)
Record 12-1-1

St. Stephens Goals (Assists)
Jimena Lopez (Ari Owens)
Record 1-0-2

Game #14 (2pm at Keller HS)

Arlington Heights beat Incarnate Word 3-1

Incarnate Word Goals (Assists)
Anne Boeckmann (PK)
Record 11-3-4

Arlington Heights Goals
Audrey Reynolds (Hannah Dixon)
Maddie Jennings (Dixon)
Rubie Quintana (UA)
Record 0-2-0

Game #15 (2pm at Dragon Stadium)

Coppell beat Seven Lakes 3-0

Coppell Goals (Assists)
Sarah King (Emma Jett)
Tyler Runnels (Tori Teffeteller)
Liat Even (Tara Vishnesky)
Record 2-0-1

Seven Lakes Goals (Assists)
Record 0-3-0

Game #16 (4pm at Nolan Catholic)

Ursuline beat California Santa Margarita 1-0

Santa Margarita Goals (Assists)
Record 3-3-2

Ursuline Goals (Assists)
Francesca Genera (Alexa Sheldon)
Record 10-2-0

Game #17 (4pm at Gateway Rugby)

Sacshe beat Belton 1-0

Belton Goals (Assists)
Record 0-2-1

Sachse Goals (Assists)
Kayla McKeon (Caitlin McDonald)
Record 3-0-0

Game #18 (4pm at Dragon Stadium)

Flower Mound ties Bishop Lynch 1-1

Lynch Goals (Assists)
Natalie McDoungh (Kaycie Tillman)
Record 11-1-1

Flower Mound Goals (Assists)
Jordan Mulnix (Ashlan Hustava)
Record 2-0-1

Game #19 (4pm at Keller HS)

Keller beat McKinney Boyd 2-1

Keller Goals (Assists)
Ryan Stickney (Audrey Ward)
Berklee Peters (Ward)
Record 3-0-0

McKinney Boyd Goals (Assists)
Lauren Mauldin (UA)
Record 2-1-0

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