Thursday, January 8, 2015

And that's a wrap on Day 1 at NEPS

A cold by sunny day proved to be no problem for this collection os talented teams.  The soccer is done for today and can't wait to get it all started again tomorrow.  See who scored and how things have shaped up through Day 1.

Game #1 (1pm at Keller HS)

Flower Mound over Fort Bend Clements 4-1

Flower Mound Goals (Assists)
Ashlan Hustava (Jordan Mulinix)
Hailey Miller (Melissa Canei)
Hustava (UA)
Hustava (UA)
Record 1-0-0

Clements Goals (Assists)
Allison Bellman (Shelby Clingman)
Record 0-1-0

Game #2 (1pm at Dragon Stadium)

Grapevine over Hockaday 3-0

Grapevine Goals (Assists)
Hayley Bargery (Michelle Kotlik)
Mac Taylor (Audrey Alderink)
Jordan Slim (Sophia Smith)
Record 1-0-0

Hockaday Record 4-1-1

Game #3 (3pm at Nolan Catholic)

Ursuline over Plano West 2-0

Ursuline Goals (Assists)
Katie McHugh (Kate Hajdu)
Katie Lund (Francesca Genera)
Record 9-1-0

Plano West Goals (Assists)
Record (0-1-0)

Game #4 (3pm at Keller HS)

Keller over Martin 2-1

Keller Goals (Assists)
Bahr (Stickney)
Peters (Ward)
Record 1-0-0

Martin Goals (Assists)
Natalee Heiser (UA)
Record 0-1-0

Game #5 (3pm at Dragon Stadium)

Carroll beat Arlington Heights 7-0
Carroll Goals (Assists)
Brittany Martin (Allie Luna)
Grace Cory (UA)
Allie Luna (Grace Cory)
Danielle Dennis (Grace Cory)
Nicole Sloan (Grace Cory)
Lily DeFelice (Nicole Sloan)
Natasha Santamaria (Neaka Khailian)
Record 1-0-0

AHHS Goals
Record 0-1-0

Game #6 (3pm at Gateway 1)

St. Stephens Austin tied Belton 1-1

St. Stephens Goal (Assist)
Ari Owens (Quinn Murphy)
Record 0-0-1

Belton Goal (Assist)
Triarra Hodges (UA)
Record 0-0-1

Game #7 (3pm at Gateway Rugby)

Liberty Christian tied San Antonio Antonian 0-0

No goals
Liberty Christian Record 11-3-1
Antonian Record 12-2-1

Game #8 (5pm at Nolan Catholic)

Bishop Lynch beat Kingwood 3-1

Lynch Goals (Assists)
Kaycie Tillman (Casey Butler)
Taylor Hanes (Tillman)
Natalie McDoungh (Jamie Jeffrey)
Record 10-1-0

Kingwood Goal (Assist)
Breezy Moore (Mari (Gillespie)
Record 0-1-0

Game #9 (7pm at Gateway 2)

McKinney Boyd beat Round Rock 4-1

Round Rock Goal (Assist)
Nora Hellmers (Sammi Mayock)
Record 0-1-0

Boyd Goals (Assists)
Taylor Cobb (Sarah Norman)
Cobb (Taylor Jordan)
Celina Hilsabeck (Cobb)
Norman (Cobb)
Record 1-0-0

Game #10 (7pm at Gateway 1)

Sachse beat Klein 3-0

Sachse Goals (Assists)
Jordie Harr (Cyera Hintzen)
Hintzen (Kayla McKeon)
Hintzen (Harr)
Record 1-0-0

Klein Goals
Record 0-1-0

Game #11 (7pm at Nolan Catholic)

California Cathedral Catholic beat Nolan Catholic 4-1

Cathedral Goals (Assists)
Riley Marshall (Olivia Erlbeck)
Erlbeck (Kelsey Irwin)
Dana Dalton (Jessica Clegg)
Dalton (Kerry Kuhnert)
Record 12-0-0

Nolan Goals (Assists)
Regan Hafer (Gabbie Puente)
Record 8-3-0

Game #12 (7pm at Keller HS)

California Steele Canyon beat Amarillo 1-0

Steele Canyon Goal (Assist)
Elizabeth Bagdasar (Briana Daoust)
Record 5-4-5

Amarillo Goals
Record 0-1-0

Game #13 (7pm at Dragon Stadium)

Austin Westlake beat California El Camino 3-1

Westlake Goals (Assists)
Renny Moore (Kendall Ritchie)
Hailey Bishop (Lucy Laguarta)
Babo Fagerberg (UA)
Record 1-0-0

El Camino Goals (Assists)
Sarah Karkenny (UA)
Record 2-4-1

Game #14 (5pm at Gateway Rugby)

California Liberty beat SA Incarnate Word 4-0

Liberty Goals (Assists)
Megan Monier (Delanie Sheehan)
Sheehan (Lauren Sisneros)
Sisneros (Kaneohe Kaasa)
Maggie Friedman (Andrea Corona)
Record 6-1-0

Incarnate Word Goals
Record 11-2-3

Game #15 (5pm at Gateway 1)

Lubbock Monterey beat Tyler Lee 3-0

Monterey Goals (Assists)
Avery McNeme (UA)
McNeme (UA)
Ariel Diaz (UA)
Record 1-0-0

Tyler Lee Goals
Record 0-1-0

Game #16 (5pm at Keller HS)

Byron Nelson beat Seven Lakes 5-0

Nelson Goals (Assists)
Ansley Bunger (UA)
Bunger (UA)
Olenka Soko (UA)
Maddie Turlington (UA)
Record 1-0-0

Seven Lakes Goals
Record 0-1-0

Game #17 (5pm at Dragon Stadium)

Colleyville Heritage tied Vandergrift 0-0
Both teams 0-0-1

Game #18 (7pm at Gateway Rugby)

Coppell beat Florida American Heritage Plantation 1-0

Coppell Goal
Sarah King
Record 1-0-0

American Heritage Goals

Record 12-1-2

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